11 Christians Killed By Terrorists In Mozambique

11 Christians Killed By Terrorists In Mozambique

11 Christians Killed By Terrorists In Mozambique

11 Christians Killed By Terrorists In Mozambique: According to a recent report, jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State split up and killed at least 11 Christians in northern Mozambique this month, escalating violence that has already driven almost 1 million people from their homes in the country of southern Africa in recent years.

Information received from Friar Boaventura, a missionary in the region stated that “the killings occurred in the village of Naquitengue, near Mocimboa da Praia, in the province of Cabo Delgado, the international charity Aid to the Church in Need reported this week.

According to a source, Islamist terrorists in Mozambique are enslaving Christian women who have been kidnapped and forcing them to convert to Islam. Since 2017, jihadist extremists have been attacking the area.

According to reports, terrorists gathered the locals last Friday in the early afternoon after entering the area. They distinguished between Christians and Muslims based on names and ethnicity before opening fire on the Christians, killing several and injuring others.

It have been confirmed in a statement that it had killed 11 Christians.

“They opened fire on the Christians, riddling them with bullets,” Friar Boaventura was quoted as saying. “The attack was carried out by a local terrorist group that claims allegiance to the Islamic State.

According to Boaventura, the method of dividing Muslims and Christians before attacking the latter is not new. Just as “many people were beginning to return to their communities,” the attacks have caused “tension and insecurity,” he said.

“We condemn any attempt to force people to change their religion,” Johan Viljoen, director of the Denis Hurley Peace Institute, told The National Catholic Register.

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