6 Reasons Why You Give – Pastor Alph Lukau


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6 Reasons Why You Give

6 Reasons Why You Give – Pastor Alph Lukau

6 Reasons Why You Give

According to Pastor Alph Lukau on 6 reasons why you give , “In this season don’t just think of receiving. Don’t just look at what you can get from God.

6 Reasons Why You Give

1- To express your love for God
Where there is love there will be giving
Where love is strong, giving will flow
If you love God you give to Him. If you love AMI you will give to it

2- To express your faith

3- To express obedience to the word of God

4- To say THANK YOU. Go and give to your grandma who put you through school, give to your neighbors, your uncles and aunts

5- Giving helps you to bless someone. Give to those who need your help, give to the orphans, the widows, and those who God impresses on your heart to give to

6- You give as a SEED. Giving is a powerful way to be a cultivator. You must know that what leaves your account will not leave your life. God will give back to you. Somebody say GIVE!”

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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