Things You Don’t Know About Bobbie Houston of Hillsong Church

Some of the things you don’t know about Bobbie Houston of Hillsong Church who is the wife of Brian Houston include:

Bobbie Houston

1. Bobbie Houston was born as Roberta lee Houston

2. Bobbie was born on 16 January 1957, which makes
her 64 years old (2021).

3. She was born in New Zealand.

4. Bobbie is married to Brian Houston who is the son of the popular preacher Frank Houston. They got married in 1977.

5. She is a co-senior pastor at Hillsong Church.

6. Bobbie has three children Joel, Benjamin, and Laura Houston.

Things You Don't Know About Bobbie Houston of Hillsong Church
Bobbie Houston and Husbaand, Brian Houston

7. Pastor Bobbie is a great writer and she has written a few books. Some books by Bobbie include Stay The Path, The Sisterhood, I’ll Have What She Is Having and Heaven Is In The House.

8. Her net worth is not really known for now but she makes her money from writing and the Church salary.

9. She runs the weekly women’s ministry of Hillsong. In 1997 she also started the annual Colour Your World Women’s Conference.

10. Bobbie and her husband, Brian Houston moved to Australia in February 1978, serving at Sydney Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst, under Brian Houston’s father, Frank Houston. In the early 1980s,

11. Brian and Bobbie Houston started a church on the Central Coast, and a church in Liverpool. In 1983, they moved to Sydney’s north-western suburbs and hired the Baulkham Hills Public School hall to start a new church, Hills Christian Life Centre

Things You Don't Know About Bobbie Houston of Hillsong Church
Bobbie Houston Preaching At Hillsong

12. In January 2022, Brian Houston stepped aside from his roles within the church, after being criminally charged in Australia for allegedly concealing sexual abuse of a child by his father, of which he became aware in the 1990s

13. In March 2022, Brian Houston stepped down as the global senior pastor of the church, after he was found to have breached the moral code of the church in his behaviour with two women.

Grand Children of Pastor Bobbie Houston

14. Bobbie has seven Grand children: Zion Houston, Blaze Houston, Savannah Winter Huston, Bailey Love Houston, Lexi Milan Houston, Willow and Jack Toggs.

15. Pastor Bobbie Lives in Australia with her family.

16. Sermons by Pastor Bobbie include; Heavenly calling, the spirit, still smiling, The irresistible nature of God, The value of a woman.

17. Some of Bobbie Houston’s TV shows are Brian Houston at Hillsong TV, Best of Hillsong Conference, Hillsong.

18. All of Bobbie’s children are involved in the Hillsong Church.

19. You can find her on Instagram using her handle @bobbiehouston

20. Her twitter is : @bobbiehouston

21. Her first son played the bass guitar for the band able, in the channel V leg up competition in year 2001 and they won.

22. Bobbie’s son Joel is married to Brazilian model Esther Lima.


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