Dephne Aviyah: Biography, Career, Family, And Net Worth

Early Life Of Dephne Aviyah

Dephne Aviyah
Dephne Aviyah

Dephne Victorious Madyara currently known as Dephne Aviyah was born to her parents on July 16 1986. Her mothers name is Elizabeth and her fathers name is not known. Dephne’s parents split and her mother is now happily remarried. Even though her parents split, her father was still in her life and he is a wonderful father. Her stepfather is also an amazing father who also brought her up in a wonderful way.

Dephne grew up in the United Kingdom but she was born in Zimbabwe.

Dephne said “ I’m so blessed to grow up with an amazing father who treated me like a princess. I always knew I was loved and didn’t need extra attention from guys growing up because my father filled those gaps. He was present. Even when he was no longer with my mum I received a great stepfather who taught me much more from my teen years. Both have been irons to sharpen me and build me up to the woman I am today but in a world of broken homes not everyone has a blessed childhood”

She is the author of the bestseller “The Art of Being Private”.

All You Need To Know About Dephne Aviyah

Dephne’s Christian Life

She became a born again in 2007 at the early hours of a new year’s day. This year 2021 she is 14 years old in the lord. Dephne had a visitation from the lord where He told her to share His heart and Word to the Body of Christ. Dephne has her ministry on YouTube weekly; she has the ‘Wisdom Wednesday Program’ , Rhema and prayer.

Dephne’s Marriage / Husband

Dephne is married to her husband Lloyd Lionel Aviyah. Her husband is a Singer, Song Writer, Christian Teacher, Minister, Evangelist, Worship Leader, Home Group leader, Music producer and Author. They got married on the 5th day of December 2020. On that day, Dephne took to her social media account to post “we are so thankful to fulfill the important 3 steps to our holy matrimony, in such uncertain times of restrictions & lockdowns. The traditional marriage, the civil marriage and finally today, the Christian marriage blessing. As I look back at our journey, all I see is God’s grace, mercy, favor and faithfulness” She is pregnant for her husband as at the time of this write-up.

She also used her social media accounts to tell us that she never kissed her husband before marriage and that they both kept themselves till they got married because they believe in God’s Word & standard of no fornication.

The couple are blessed with a son.

All You Need To Know About Dephne Aviyah
Dephne Aviyah with her husband and son

Dephne Aviyah’s Net Worth

Dephne Aviyah’s net worth is about $107,031 (one hundred and seven thousand united states dollars). Most of her money is gotten from her YouTube Channel and her books; she is an author of a bestseller book. Her YouTube Channel has over 200,000 subscribers.

Dephne Aviyah’s Degree

She went to the University to study Fashion Design Diploma (DipHE) in Business & Management and has a degree in Fashion and Textiles BA(Hons),

She has a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business & Finance.


She has a skin care product called ‘naturals for the naturals’ and it consists of skin products, hair products and fragrance products. Her products was conceived in 2011 and launched in 2019

Books By Dephne Aviyah

-The art of being private

-Breaking soul ties

-Incorruptible beauty

-Praying the word of God

– A woman’s body is a temple

Sermons By Dephne Madyara

Prayers By Dephne Aviyah

  • Praying for your future husband
  • Prayer against enemies
  • For long hair
  • Against a Jezebel spirit
  • For a job

Social Media Contacts

Dephne’s website:


Dephne’s Instagram:@dephneaviyah

Dephne’s  facebook:

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