All You Need To Know About Jamar Jakes

Jamar Jakes was born into a very wealthy family but very little is known about him. He is very good at keeping things about his life private but here are a few things that is known about him.

Jamar Jakes
Jamar Jakes

Jamar D Jakes’ Age And Date Of Birth

Jamar D Jakes was born on the 4th day of January 1979.

Jamar’ Parents

Jamar was born to his parents who are very popular people. His father’s name is Thomas Dexter Jakes who is popularly known as Bishop TD Jakes and his mother’s name is Serita Jakes. His paternal Grandparents were Odith Jakes and Ernest Jakes, Sr.

His parents are very wealthy and his father Bishop T.D Jakes was born on the 9th of June 1957. He is a popular pastor of Potters House, a non-denominational mega Church in America. He is also an author and a filmmaker. His mother is Serita Jakes was born on 19th August 1955 and she is also an author and an actress. She also works with her husband in the Potters House.

Jamar’s Siblings

Jamar grew up with four siblings, their names are Jermaine Jakes , Thomas Jakes Jr. ,Cora Jakes Coleman and Sarah Jakes Roberts. All his siblings are doing well for themselves and are also celebrities.

Jamar D Jakes Net Worth

His net worth is not really known as at the time of this report. He worked for his father’s Church for a long period of time but not as a pastor. He worked as a professional manager. Currently, he works in the family business, which is the T.D jakes enterprises as the director, which also pays him a great deal.

Jamar D Jakes’ Heart Attacks

When Jamar was 25 years old, he had some heart attacks. While he was suffering from this, his father was in Nigeria but rushed back to go be with his son. Jamar survived all the heart attacks.

Social Media Contacts

Instagram: @jamardjakes

Twittwer: @JamarDJakes

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