Alph Lukau AMI Live – Pastor Alph Lukau Prophetic Moments

Alph Lukau AMI Live – Pastor Alph Lukau Prophetic Moments

Alph Lukau AMI Live. What shall I say unto the Lord? All I have to say is THANK YOU LORD!!!!! What a MIGHTY God we serve! Oh God be glorified forever more! Lord Jesus we LOVE You! God SPEAKS and this is evidence of the power of the Prophetic in our generation.

Through a Prophetic Word the Lord SAID He is healing a 7 month old baby boy who was born blind. As the Lord spoke it, an instant miracle took place. This young mother ran to the altar shouting and screaming that her 7 month old baby boy was born blind but as the Word was spoken he began to SEE. This is not by the works of man, this is Jehovah Rapha.

Because of His name, the blind SEE and the lame WALK. Give Him all the glory and honour! MAY YOUR MIRACLE MANIFEST IN THIS SEASON OF MANIFESTATION IN THE NAME OF JESUS!

This woman has been through great pain in her life but today God has CHANGED HER STORY!

Alph Lukau AMI Live

Her husband’s girlfriend was so jealous of their child that she poisoned him and this precious child died a painful death. They later went ahead and got married. The devil is wicked! Left alone her life has been a series of disappointments, the Lord revealed that she cries going to bed and she cries when she wakes up. NEVER AGAIN!

The Lord spoke and gave direction on what her future holds. She is currently in a relationship with a man named Thabiso who for 2 months has ignored her and broke her heart. God says LET HIM GO!

The Lord revealed through a Prophetic Word that her TRUE HUSBAND, the one created by God for her life is called Trevor. Trevor is a good man and he will take great care of her. Not only that but Trevor owns trucks and has a successful transport business. This is made in heaven, SO SHALL IT BE!

During Alph Lukau AMI Live the man of God says “I decree and I declare; whoever is meant to waste your time, may God REMOVE him from your way. There are people occupying the space of someone else that has been sent by God for you. May God UPROOT THEM in the name of Jesus!”

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