Pastor Alph Lukau’s Word For Today – Alph Lukau AMI

Pastor Alph Lukau’s Word For Today – Alph Lukau AMI

Alph Lukau Ami


Alph Lukau AMI – Word of today

‘There are many plans in a man’s heart; nevertheless it is the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand’ (Proverbs 19:21)

Many are the plans of our hearts, but let’s allow God to direct us, in order to succeedđź’Ż%!
Let us re-visit our new year’s goals or the resolutions we wrote down and take it to the Lord in prayer!
Remember! The fervent prayer of the righteous, availeth much!

Declarations of faith:-
1. I decree and declare that from today, I will consult God’s council on everything in my life!
2. I decree and declare that God knows everything about my future and destiny, therefore, I will consult Him in my marriage decisions, in my finances, in business decisions, in my circle of friends and work.
3. I decree and declare that I submit my plans from today, to God.
4. I decree and declare that God has the final say in every area of my life.
5. I decree and declare that many are my plans, but God’s stamp of approval is needed to succeed.
Go and have a blessed day in His council!

Destroying the 666 Satanic Curse and Deliverance

Alph Lukau Ami

Our children need Jesus. May God punish the devil! This very young girl found us on Facebook and came to AMI this Friday. She was introduced to satanism by her friend Natasha. She entered the life of prostitution and works as a stripper. She went on to receive a 666 tatoo on her back as well as a snake tatoo on her leg.

At the end of this month her friend Natasha had told her that they would go to Cape Town and offer a sacrifice for the prosperity of their business. But the prophetic has STOPPED it. God revealed to us that as she goes to Cape Town, she would be KILLED and offered as the SACRIFICE in that satanic cult. We led her to give her life to Jesus Christ, she has renounced satanism and is now a BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD! Glory to Jesus.

Alph Lukau AMI posted this prophetic moment for awareness. As a mother/father protect your child from the works of satan. Know their friends, know what they are doing when they are not with you. Cover them with the blood of Jesus. Do not let the devil steal their precious souls. Intercede for them EVERYDAY. Amen and Amen

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  1. Daddy pls pray for my father in hospital he has lungs infection losing too much water pls daddy ask for healing in my family prosperity pls daddy

  2. Papa pray for me for I get a destiny changer in my life I have no job marriage finance’s kidz education en may his name be glorified Amen


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