Amie Dockery: Biography, Age, Family Life, Career, And Net Worth

Amie Dockery is an American pastor and a seasoned public speaker. She is also an author and a breast cancer survivor. Currently the Senior Associate Pastor of Covenant Church, she oversees over 14,000 members, a staff and pastoral team of 135 and coordinates the ministry initiatives for 5 campuses.

Amie Dockery Biography

Amie’s parents were pastors, and she was raised in a Christian home. She is the only daughter and oldest child of Pastor Mike and Kathy Hayes, pioneering visionaries. Amie’s parents started the Covenant Church when she was two years old, and since then, her only experience outside of ministry has been life.

Currently serving as the Lead Pastor of Covenant Church in Dallas, Texas, Amie offers a varied congregation of thousands of weekly attendees at four venues throughout North Texas and online with corporate and spiritual vision.
Her love for people and her familiarity with the Scriptures continue to collide in fresh ways to spread the good news.

Amie motivates people to rise above their present circumstances and realize their full potential with her exceptional capacity to make her message more easily understood by her audience as well as with the help of her amusing true-life experiences.

Amie Dockery Age

She was born in 1974. She is currently 48 years old.


Amie Dockery is an Alumni of Lee University in Cleveland, TN where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree.

Family Life

Stacey Dockery is Amie Dockery’s husband. The couple met while they were in college and got married in 1995. Just like Amie, Stacey is a preacher’s son; however, he was not called to the pulpit.

The couple is blessed with four children, and they live in the Dallas, TX, area.


Amie challenged herself as an author and entrepreneur while raising young children. Although she had originally intended to be a journalist, her love of language and study quickly led her into teaching at the church her parents were pastors.
Her passion to write five novels, three devotionals, and a book study was motivated by her desire to see people experience life to the fullest.

Amie has had the privilege of developing her leadership skills through her management of a significant non-profit organization and her work as the creator of the Flourish conference, which attracts tens of thousands of women from all over the world.

Also, Amie has a unique understanding of the Word of God and how it influences the contemporary believer due to her strategic intuition, imaginative revelation, and prophetic edge.

She stands out as a speaker and writer because of her capacity to convey the relevance of historical figures to the present while inspiring optimism for the future.Another thing about Amie is that she is unafraid to discuss the most important and difficult problems that Christians are currently confronting because she has insight beyond her years. Also she has a particular love for ministering primarily to women.

Amie encourages individuals to rise above their present circumstances and realize their full potential with her special capacity to help them visualize her message and her amusing true-to-life anecdotes.

Amie Dockery Books

She is the author of

  • On Daddy’s Shoulders,
  • Designing Your Dream Husband and the
  • When Women book ,and
  • Bible Study trilogy: When Women Worship, When Women War and When Women Reign.

Net Worth

We cannot estimate how much Amie Dockery is worth at the moment. However, her primary source is from her books, speaking engagements, and pastoral work.

Social Media

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