Andrew Wommack Sermon – Where Do We Go From Here

Andrew Wommack delivered a new sermon and message titled “Where Do We Go From Here” and it is not a sermon you will want to miss. The Bible teacher herein teaches on the lessons he learned from the 2020 elections and shows you how to be the salt and light to the world that God is calling us to be. He however said that these lessons are not just for people in America.

Teaching on the nature of God, Pastor Andrew Wommack wrote:

“God’s goodness and favor on His people are how He shows the world who He is. This flies in the face of those who teach that God is the author of all our problems. That’s not so. Our Lord is the giver of all the good and perfect things He has for us.

Notice that all the nations of the earth are to know God’s ways and His saving health. God is not just the God of the Jews or the God of His church. He wants all to come to Him. Check out this free teaching from Andrew to hear more about God’s true nature:”

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