April Miller Sermons – It’s A Day For Miracles

April Miller Sermons - It’s A Day For Miracles

April Miller Sermons It’s A Day For Miracles

A word of hope and faith from the hillsong church by Pastor April Miller on the topic “It’s A Day For Miracles”. The scripture for the message is taken from the book of Romans 8.

Reading through a couple of scriptures (Psalm 90:12, Luke 9:62). The day of miracle in your life for whatever you are expecting in your life is today. Pastor April tells us that there a lot of things that could happen in a day and what we can do is to give God a chance to do something for us.

There a lessons to be learnt from the life of Abraham as read in the scripture. The first thing is that Abraham was expectant. What this means is that we should learn to face each day with great expectation of what God can do.

What are you expectant on or for? Find a promise of God and hold on to it. Abraham was not just sitting back and waiting, he held on to the promise of God in his life and being obedient to God the whole time,

This is a message that you will enjoy.

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