Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons 2021 – Judgement In Three Folds

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons 2021 Judgement In Three Folds

The Action Chapel International Ministry, Ghana shares this rebroadcast sermon by Archbishop Duncan-Williams titled “Judgement In Three Folds”.   Duncan-Williams is the general overseer of the Action Chapel International ministry, headquartered in Accra, Ghana. He is the founder of the Charismatic Movement which started 20 years ago in Ghana and other parts of West Africa. A man of great passion for the gospel, he has transformed the lives of many people in and around Africa through his teachings.

In this sermon, the Archbishop talks about how the Judgement of the Lord will come. He tells us that the scripture is being fulfilled every minute of the day. A day will come when we will give an account of our lives before God whether we believe it or not. 2 Cor 5:10

He added that whatever we do that we should know that what God values more is human beings over anything. Whatever we do we have to look forward to the coming of Jesus and help others to achieve the kingdom. Daily self-examination should be carried out. John 12:31, Genesis 6:3, these scriptures point to the fact that we live in the dispensation of Grace and the opportunity to repent is now.

Examine yourself daily, check how you treat and relate with people. Check your Christianity.

Watch and learn from one of the sermons by Archbishop Duncan-Williams for the year 2021 titled “Judgement In Three Folds” as we bring the latest sermons from pastors around the world to you daily.

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