Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons 2021 – Practicing The Word

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons 2021 Practicing The Word

The Action Chapel International Ministry, Ghana shares a new message by Archbishop Duncan-Williams titled “Practicing The Word”. The text for the message is taken from the book of proverbs 20, proverb 4:20-23. Speaking on the topic, we are told that we are spirits and it is to ur spirit that God speaks too. God does not speak to our intelligence or to our emotions. If you want to have stay connected to the father, the right frequency is through our spirit. That is the reason why we should learn to train our spirit.

One of the principles that are critical to training our spirit is to practice the word of God. The bible has its reason for telling us that we ought to be doers of the word. To be a doer is to practice your faith and that is what God expects of us.

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