Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons – Confronting Fear

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons Confronting Fear

Today’s message by Archbishop Duncan-Williams of the Action Chapel International Ministry is  titled  “Confronting Fear”.  The text for the message is 2 Corinthians 1:10.

According to the Archbishop, Why we must confront fear is because it is not biblical. It is an enemy and a hired assassin that has come to steal your self power and worth. It comes to incapacitate your faith. The word “Fear Not” was mentioned 366 times to show us how important it is that we confront our fear.Violence, plagues and pestilence that we see in the world today will keep coming.

We are in the last days and the bible has described it as perilous and fearful times. At a time like this, we need to pray for our leaders so that they  can make the right decisions.

Here are some things we should know about fear;

1. Fear is a spirit

2. Fear is not biblical

3. Fear is not of God

4. Fear is a hired assassin

5. Fear comes to incapacitate your faith

6. It comes to steal your confidence and to kill your joy.

In the book of Matthew 24, Christ gave us what it will be like in the end of days. whatever we see now is the beginning of dangerous and trying times. There will be more challenges and plagues ahead of humanity Why we face what we face is so that we can turn to God. However, a lot of people in this period will still not learn to trust in God but put their trust in the arms of their flesh.

This is a message that you will enjoy.

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