Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons – Divine Advantage

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons - Divine Advantage

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons Divine Advantage

Today’s message by Archbishop Duncan-Williams of the Action Chapel International Ministry is  titled  “Divine Advantage”. The text for the message is taken from Judges 14

Dominion gives you the audacity to dominate. Israel in the scripture were under the domination of the philistine. It was something that gave them the advantage to dominate Israel and that was Israel stopped recognizing and acknowledging God. Ingratitude has the tendency of making us believe that we have achieved everything by our hand.

We need to bear in mind that whatever we have is God given because the race is not for the swift but it is God that shows mercy. Everything has an expiring date except the things given by God.

The story of Moses and Pharaoh is another one where we see divine advantage come to play. However, one thing about divine advantage is that we are not to use it to oppress those around us. Whatever good God has given us is to be used for one purpose alone and that is to the glory of his name.

The story of Mordecai and Haman is another good example. Mordecai used the advantage he had well while Haman sought for the destruction of the Israelites which was the cause of his downfall.

Having Dominion gives you an advantage and the opportunity to exercise control over your enemies. Like the case of Moses, God favored him to the extent that he even enjoyed the privileges as an Egyptian Prince. It is my prayer and desire that, you will have divine advantage over every situation of your life.

This is a message that will change your life.

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