Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons – Exemption From Judgement

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons Exemption From Judgement

The Action Chapel International Ministry, Ghana shares this new sermon by Archbishop Duncan-Williams titled “Exemption From Judgement”. From the book of Psalm 102:13, the Archbishop talks about the Kairos moment. This is when eternity brings time into alignment in our life. This when everything points to the fact that it is not just your time but your moment.

However, he tells us that despite it being our time, we need mercy to help us deliver. It is the mercy of God that allows for the favour of God in our life. The mercy of God exempts us from judgement. Without mercy, even if it is your appointed time you may miss your blessing.

It is the Mercy that qualifies the sinner and gives chances and an edge over others. 1 kings 3:6

Watch and learn from one of the sermons by Archbishop Duncan-Williams for the year titled “Exemption From Judgement” as we bring the latest sermons from pastors around the world to you daily.

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