Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons – Remember The Promises of God

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons Remember The Promises of God

Today’s message by Archbishop Duncan-Williams of the Action Chapel International Ministry is  titled  “Remember The Promises of God”.

The archbishop reiterated once more that our faith is under attack and we currently under a test of our faith. Everyday, all over the nations we keep hearing a lot of fearful things happening around us. Everyone is in the tight grip of fear and faith is being held at ransom by fear. In the midst of all the troubles surrounding us, God wants us to keep on remembering the promises he has made to us.

The reason why we are in fear and in uncertainty is because we have forgotten his promises. God has not left us to be beaten by plagues and pestilence. He has made provisions for us from the beginning of time.

According to the message, there are two types of promises of God; the unconditional promises made under oath that regardless of what we do, God will keep his word. Then there is the conditional promises that God will do if we do what we asks of us.

One of the major weapons of the enemy is to forget the promises of God and start living ordinary. One thing about us is that we are not ordinary because there is something different about us.

Whatever promise God has made to us, He is able to fulfill them all. If he has promised you life, then no one can take it from you. It does not matter the conspiracy against you. Anytime you forget the promises of God, that is when you start sinking.

This is a message that you will love.

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