Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons – The Armor of God

Archbishop Duncan-Williams Sermons The Armor of God

Today’s message by Archbishop Duncan-Williams of the Action Chapel International Ministry is  titled  “The Armor of God”. The text for the message is taken from the book of Ephesians 6:10

Why is it important that we put on the whole armor of God? In today’s message we are discussing the whiles and the devices of the enemy and that is why we need to put on the whole Armour of God. There are three enemies we are dealing with, Satan, the world and the flesh.

The scripture tell us that we need to put on the Armour which means that it is not automatic. we need to be intentional and apply it for it to work. Even as a believer, you have every need to put on the Armour. Why are we putting on the Armour? To withstand the missiles of the enemy because he is always on the offensive, thereby putting us on the defensive. We the believers, we need to get on the offensive if we are ever going to win the battle against the enemy.

What are the Armour that we need to put on to be on the offensive? One thing we have to bear in mind is that we are always in a wrestling match. Do not forget that otherwise the enemy will have an advantage over you. The bible even warns us to be vigilant because the devil is going about looking for who to devour. The enemy that we are dealing with is unseen and that is why we need not be weary. The bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Do not get tired of praying.

we say that Jesus has overcome but one thing we should know is that it is not automatic. We have to apply that victory for the victory to work for us.

This is a message that you will love.

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