Are Youths Willing To Serve The Lord?

Are youth willing to serve the Lord

Are youth willing to serve the Lord?

Are youth willing to serve the Lord? With the silent mockery of Christianity, most people are afraid that young people may be ashamed of serving the Lord.

Many street preachers have been imprisoned many times in some cities. Some social media accounts have decided to speak badly concerning the “body of Christ.

Schools and public offices have decided to stop the teaching of Christ. They no longer allow prayers in some of the places because they claim that “not everyone is a Christian.”

There are many people in the past and presently who are doing evil in the name of God. These kinds of people bring shame to the “body of Christ.”

We have to stand for Jesus Christ because these are the works of the devil. The enemy knows that his time is limited, so he’s doing everything to spoil God’s name.

It is easier for people to blame God when things are not going great in their lives. There are youth Christians who are afraid of talking about Jesus Christ because they feel that others will call them names.

If we look around us, we’ll notice that the world is doing its best to normalize sin. Sins are more appreciated than good things done by people.

The enemy is at work.

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The devil knows that the youth are the future of society, so he’s doing his best to steal us away from God.

People are on the internet doing ungodly things, and they are getting praised. Some people claim that they have found the truth, but Jesus Christ told us that he’s the only truth.

If we are not careful, sins will be normalized in churches too, and that will lead us to hell. God knows that we are not perfect, but he wants us to learn and grow.

The Holy Spirit is given to us to guide us through everything and to make decisions. When something doesn’t feel right to us, we have to learn how to say no.

If we spend the rest of our lives trying to please the ungodly people, that will lead us to hell. God did not tell us to condemn or judge them; the best thing we can do is to pray.

When someone doesn’t have the same lifestyle as us, we are not to judge them but to pray for them. We are also told not to associate with them because bad company can corrupt good manners.

We should stop trying to fit in with what the youths are doing currently and focus on God. Our duty is to serve the Lord with all our hearts because we are his children.

Our second duty is to spread the gospel of Christ to the people around us. The way we live our lives is really important because we are to show godliness.

There are youths all over the world who are serving the Lord with all their hearts. They are also using their social media to talk to people about Jesus Christ.

Serving the Lord is the best decision.

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No matter how much the world tries to mock us, serving God is the best decision. Our Lord will never mislead us in this journey, and he will provide us with all that we need.

While the world is busy fighting to get things done, our focus should be on Jesus Christ. When our focus is on him, he will give us all the things that we need and everything the world is fighting for.

We should never come to a point in our lives when we are ashamed of our God. Jesus Christ said that if we deny him here on earth, he will deny us when we get to heaven.

There are Christian influencers that we should follow on social media so that our faith in God will grow. There are also some pastors on social media who are also spreading the word of God.


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