Beth Moore says ‘I’m not especially fond of Mother’s Day’

Beth Moore says ‘I’m not especially fond of Mother’s Day’, as she proceeded to share a piece of parenting advice.

The president of Living Proof Ministries, Wanda Elizabeth Moore, popularly known as “Beth Moore” has taken to Instagram to disclose her feeling about Mother’s Day celebration.

Mother’s Day celebration has become the order of the day in different parts of the world including the US. While many take to various social media platforms to honor the mothers in their lives, the American Anglican evangelist, despite being a mother of two announced in a Saturday Instagram post that ”I’m not especially fond of Mother’s Day.’

She acknowledged still that many find it painful that she doesn’t post on mothers Day despite spending most of her life ministering to women.

“I know this sounds weird but I’m not especially fond of Mother’s Day. Most of my life is spent ministering to women. And many find it painful so I don’t do lots of Mother’s Day posts,” she wrote.

Moore revealed she usually doesn’t give parenting advice because “she was a very flawed ever so human parent who learned a lot of what [she] know the hard way.” She said also her “kids were not raised in an easy, particularly peaceful environment.” “We had some very real and ongoing challenges,” she added.

Conversely, stating that “something felt right about doing this one this weekend,” Moore shared a piece of parenting advice.

She put forward “There’s no such thing as expert parenting.” In addition, Moore noted that Christian parents’ priority towards their children is to see “Their lives are fruitful in Christ.”

Moore further condemned overly permissive parenting. She advised that parents be “forgiving and ask for forgiveness.” While encouraging parents to be prayerful, she lastly advised them to laugh with their kids.


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