All You Need To Know About Lynne Hybels (Biography)

Lynne Hybels
Lynne Hybels and her mother

Lynne Hybels was born on 21st November 1951. She is the co-founder of Willow Creek Community Church, and wife to Bill Hybels the founder and former senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church.

Lynne Hybels
Lynne Hybels and her mother

Willow Creek Community Church initially started as a high school ministry but grew over time to become one of the biggest Churches in the United States of America. Lynne Hybels is a mother to two children; Shauna Niequist who is a best selling Christian author and Todd Hybels, both of whom are grown up.

Lynne Hybels engages in ministry partnership in certain communities in Latin America and Africa and fights for comprehensive immigration reports for immigrants of Willow Creek Church. She writes a column for Sojourners Magazine and runs her very own blog where she wrote that at age 40 she encountered and entered an era of
emotional crisis as well as spiritual crisis.

She established ‘Ten For Congo’, a fundraising initiative to support women and children in Congo that were victims of rape and abuse during the civil war.

Lynne Hybels’ work and service for God has led to her visiting of places like Israel, Congo, Lebanon, Iraq, Zambia and many other countries, taking on the title of a world changer and influencer as her impact are notable and can be felt in all of these countries. She also serves as an advocate for victims of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Lynne Hybels co-authored the book ‘Fit To Be Tied’ with her husband Bill Hybels in 1997 where they together penned down the various struggles they experienced in their marriage and the lessons that they learnt from those marital struggles.

Some other books written by Lynne Hybels include:

  • Nice Girls Don’t Change The World, 2005
  • Rediscovering Church: The Story And Vision Of Willow Creek Community Church, 1995
  • Love That Last, 1999
  • The Joy Of Personal Worship, 1984
  • Making Love Last: How To Find And Keep The Right Partner For You, 1995
  • Neu Dem Liebenden Gott Begegnen, 2001

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