Pastor Bill Johnson: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth

Pastor Bill Johnson: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth: Pastor Bill Johnson is an American evangelist and minister  He is known as the fifth generation pastor and has been at the helm of affairs of Bethel Church. . The Bethel Church is one of the United States charismatic mega church.

Pastor Bill Johnson


Johnson is a fifth-generation was born on July 18, 1951. He is the senior leader of Bethel Church, a charismatic megachurch in Redding, California. and has held the position of senior leader at Bethel Church since 1996. He is known for leading a church and Christian movement with a large focus on miracles and the Holy Spirit.

Johnson joined Bethel with a stipulation that the message would always be about revival, with an emphasis on God’s supernatural presence. The church lost a thousand members over his vision. However, under his leadership, the church has since grown from 2,000 members in 1996 to over 11,000 in 2019.

His father, M. Earl Johnson, previously held the Senior Pastor position from 1968 to 1982, when Bethel Church was part of the Assemblies of God. Prior to this position, Johnson, along with his wife, served as the Senior Pastors of Mountain Chapel in Weaverville, California from 1978 to 1996.

Johnson attended a John Wimber signs and wonders conference in 1987 with the specific goal of seeking a revival of healing. He left discouraged because he had been teaching the same concepts John Wimber had been teaching, but the outcome was drastically different. Johnson states that this discouragement brought about a realization that faith required risk, and after this realization, healing miracles began to happen. He traveled to Toronto, Canada in 1995 to attend some of the Toronto Blessing revival meetings. Johnson recounts receiving a fresh touch from God at these meetings that focused his life’s work on pursuing the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit.

Family Life

Bill Johnson is married to Brenda Johnson and the Union is blessed with three children, namely: Leah, Eric and Brian. Brian Johnson leads the Bethel music.

Pastor Bill Johnson: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth
        Pastor Bill Johnson and Wife


Bethel Church under the Leadership of Pastor Bill Johnson has recorded tremendous success since the inception of Pastor Bill Johnson in 1996, the congregants of Bethel church have risen from two thousand to an estimated eleven thousand.

Pastor Bill Johnson being a renowned pastor, is considered to command great respect from Charismatic Christians all over the world and his message is always centered on revival, placing prominence on
the Supernatural Presence of God. The Bethel Church lost close to one thousand members on the premise of Pastor Bill Johnson’s vision. He graduated from the University in 1968 and relocated from Los Angeles to Redding where, he was called to pastor Mountain Chapel, in Weaverville, in 1978.

Pastor Bill Johnson has also been heavily criticized. In 2016, he gave reasons why he voted for Donald trump, in his Facebook page, wherein her condemned open boarders,  same-sex marriage, socialism, gloablization and political correctness. He has also strongly criticized homosexuality, welfare system and abortion.

Pastor Bill Johnson: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth


Bill Johnson is an Author who has written a plethora of books such as: Supernatural Power of mind, When Heaven Invades the earth, Shifting Shadow of the Supernatural Power: A Prophetic Manual for those Wanting to Move in God’s Supernatural Power, When Heaven Invades Earth Devotional & Journal. Others include; the Supernatural Power of Transformed Mind, 40-day Devotional and Personal Journal, Face to Face with God, Strengthen Yourself in the Lord, Release the Power of Jesus, The Essential Guide of Healing, Hosting the Presence, Experience the Impossible and The Way of Life.

Net Worth

Pastor Bill Johnson is estimated to be worth about $10 Million

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