Bishop Dale Bronner Welcomes His 10th Grandchild

Bishop Dale Bronner Welcomes His 10th Grandchild

Bishop Dale Bronner the founder and senior pastor of  Faith Family Worship Cathedral, a   ministry in Austell, Georgia welcomes his 10th grandchild. The Obviously excited Bishop of the interdenominational ministry disclosed the birth of his 10th grandchild. This made this known on his Twitter handle.

He posted two lovely photos of a cute girly looking newborn. He however did not mention the sex of the baby. In addition, Pastor Dale’s tweet had it that the baby was born in the early hours of Sunday, 12th March 2023. Furthermore, he made mention of him being a proud grandfather of five girls and five boys. The pastor nevertheless, did not go as far as mentioning which of his child that had been put to bed.

“My 10th grandchild was born last Sunday morning! Now I have five girls and five boys! Blessed family Legacy” He wrote.

Followers reacted following the tweet. They sent him congratulatory messages. One follower in his comment raised the awareness of the baby being a girl. He addressed Bishop Dale’s grandchild as   ‘granddaughter’. He wrote “Congratulation, your granddaughter is beautiful”. Another follower however ceased the opportunity to request that the Pastor prays for his wife who has been confirmed by the doctors to be barren.

He wrote “Please pray for my wife will conceive a child! Docs says it can’t be done, IVF doc says she needs to do a surrogate. God can grow limbs, let the blind see, and bring people back to life! I know he can do this for his Glory! For a woman who has done everything right yet gets hardship”.

Bishop Dale Bronner is indeed a blessed man. He is happily married to Nina Bronner. He is a proud father of five children and now 10 grandchildren.

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