Bishop Jackie McCullough Sermons – We are A Royal Priesthood

Bishop Jackie McCullough Sermons We are A Royal Priesthood

The Beth Rapha International Ministry brings us another message by Bishop Jackie McCullough is titled ”We are A Royal Priesthood”. The text for the message is from the book of 1 Peter 2:9 which reads – But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

A lot of us belong to a different generation so we have different views on different things in the society. The church has a way of identifying us across board irrespective of the generation you belong to. We are a chosen generation and as well a royal priesthood.

Bishop Jackie in this message, tell us that we are a kingdom of priests. In the book of Exodus 19:6, God told Moses  – you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ These are the words you are to speak to the Israelites.”

What is Biblical Royalty? The children of Israel were to be a whole nation of priests but they rejected it. They did not want to go close to God and his holiness. Therefore God had to raise priests from a tribe to intercede for them.

What does the biblical priesthood mean in the new testament? There are a number of scriptures that gives credence to that. This means that you are entitled, privileged because of what he has done for us. All that we are is because of him. We entered a kingdom and became priests and Kings because Christ shed the blood. This happens when you receive Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour.

This is a message that you will love.

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