Bishop T.D Jakes Message: S.T.R.A.P.

Bishop T.D Jakes shares this message titled “S.T.R.A.P. – (Surviving the Trauma of Rejection and Abandonment Plan)” and it is a message you will love to listen to. Herein, he teaches that we all have endured trauma and asked if you have what it takes to survive? The Bishop of The Potters House of Dallas said survival doesn’t happen by accident; you have to be intentional about moving forward and that nothing hurts like being rejected by our own. He reminded us that Jesus came to this world and was abandoned by the people who proclaimed they loved Him. No matter what has happened to you, don’t let the pain of rejection and abandonment get to your heart. Do whatever is necessary to get it out!

This message is taken from the Scripture: John 1:9-13 (NIV).

Watch and learn from this message by Bishop T.D Jakes “S.T.R.A.P. – (Surviving the Trauma of Rejection and Abandonment Plan)” as we bring the latest sermons from The Potters House to you.

Video Credit: T.D Jakes YouTube

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