Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon Today 9 August 2019


The World Is Not Ours...

Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon Today

Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon Today

Bishop T.D Jakes Sermon Today says “Prayer has the power to move mountains and break yokes that the enemy implements to keep us bound. Because challenges can present themselves as incarceration, we tend to pray a prayer of desperation; nevertheless, we must be cognizant that certain trials arise in our lives, for God desires to sober us to fight adversity! A quiet deliverance must take place as supernatural collides with the natural. Our blessings are at the door; however, our ability to take action will cause us to access His provisions!”

Have you found yourself being complacent in your misfortunes? Shake yourself from the dust, rise up, and untether yourself from the chains of contentment (Isaiah 52:2). ⁣

The enemy does not possess the power to detain you! For the Lord proclaims liberty to the captives, and He opens prisons for individuals who are bound (Isaiah 61:1). ⁣

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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