Bishop TD Jakes: How To Handle Our Ideals vs. Realities

Bishop TD Jakes shares this new message titled “How To Handle Our Ideals vs. Realities” where he teaches that deliverance is easy once you wake up, but our eyes open in stages. The Bishop of The Potters House of Dallas says that when life’s disappointments stagger us into an apathetic stupor, we’ve got to be deliberate in waking back up. Until we do, nothing is going to change. You see, there are spirits assigned to hold us down in our personal prisons, like the 16 guards who tried to lock Peter in place, but they are no match for the angel that’s coming to walk us out through that iron gate. He said that two chains, 16 soldiers are no match for the power of God. This message is taken from the Scripture Acts 12:6–11 (GNB).

Watch and learn from this message by Bishop TD Jakes: “How To Handle Our Ideals vs. Realities” as we bring the latest sermons from Pastors around the world to you.

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