Bishop TD Jakes Sermon – Converted

Bishop TD Jakes Sermon - Converted

Bishop TD Jakes shares this new sermon titled “Converted” on Sunday May 16 2021 and we are bringing it to you to listen to learn from it. In this message, Bishop TD Jakes teaches that what it means to be converted is to be fundamentally transformed from one thing to another. He however said that conversion is a litmus test for how far along you are in your faith and that when God converts you, He will change the very essence of who you are by testing your reasoning for following Him. This message is taken from the scripture: Luke 22:23-36 and Matthew 12:1-11, 13:34-35 (NIV).

Teaching that you are a survivor, Bishop TD Jakes wrote on Instagram: “You’ve made it this far because God has given you the secret of “being content in any and every situation” (Philippians 4:12, NIV)! Remember, in even your most melancholic moments, that you are a #SoleSurvivor!⁣”

Watch and learn from this sermon by Bishop TD Jakes – Converted – as we bring the latest sermons from Pastors around the world to you daily.

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