Bishop TD Jakes Sermon – Knowing Your Role in the Kingdom

Bishop TD Jakes Sermon - Knowing Your Role in the Kingdom

Bishop TD Jakes shares this new sermon and message titled “Knowing Your Role in the Kingdom” where he teaches that you’ve got to get better at being you. He said it’s time to stop letting others say who you are and time to stop thinking that your purpose is a mistake. The founder of The Potters House of Dallas says it’s time to be released from all the words and comparisons that have stolen your joy and embrace who you are as a child of God. This message is taken from scripture: John 1:19​-33; 35-39 (KJV).

Teaching further on his Sunday sermon ‘Rightfully Mine’, Bishop TD Jakes once wrote on Instagram:

“Rightfully Mine!

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but just because you did “this and that” doesn’t make you “this and that.” You are much bigger than your past and the life you’ve been living — God’s got a brighter future with your new name on it!”

Watch and learn from this sermon by Bishop TD Jakes – Knowing Your Role in the Kingdom – and do not forget to always check in for the latest sermons from pastors around the globe daily.

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