Bishop TD Jakes Sermon – Realizing Your Destiny


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Bishop TD Jakes Sermon

Bishop TD Jakes Sermon – Realizing Your Destiny

Bishop TD Jakes Sermon

Bishop TD Jakes Sermon today says: “To realize your destiny, set aside your wants and allow God to take precedence in your life. Once you yield your will, He’ll destroy the barriers between you and your future.⠀

“Don’t let fear block God’s destiny for you.” – T.D. Jakes, Destiny: Step into Your Purpose⠀

Have you ever wondered why your blessings seem delayed? Could it be that you’ve allowed fear of the unknown to hinder your progress? Oftentimes, we experience delayed blessings because we allow fear to reign over our lives. We remain in toxic relationships for fear of abandonment, not realizing that healthy relationships await on the other side. We stay in careers that don’t nurture our purpose out of complacency. While fear can, at times, seem warranted in certain circumstances, you cannot let fear narrate your life’s story. Guard your thought life, for fear takes up residence in the mind. If there’s an undercurrent of self-doubt, shame, or anything else that keeps you in a state of fear, it’s time to break the cycle of oppression so that you can realize your purpose. And what better time to renew your life than now, with A Dog’s Way Home, a movie that I’ve executive produced to motivate you to pursue your destiny in the face of fear. Go see it in theaters tomorrow!”

Preaching on fulfilling God’s intention the Pastor wrote:

“Are you planted in God’s purpose?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

To completely fulfill God’s intentions, you must get in His path. Regardless of your status, act as Zacchaeus and find the tree that God wants you to climb. His lush, evergreen path will ascend you from your dilemmas, if you position yourself correctly. Remember, we serve a God whose foreknowledge is so profound, He sprouts our solutions before we’re aware of any weeds that could interfere with our growth. While life is riddled with contradictions, allow your “buts” to humble you and draw you closer to God’s grace. Don’t allow the enemy to distract you from what God has planted for you!⁣⁣”

Credit for Bishop TD Jakes Sermon – Bishop TD Jakes

Picture Credit – Bishop TD Jakes Instagram

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