Bishop TD Jakes Sermon – Water the Seed

Bishop TD Jakes Sermon - Water the Seed

Bishop TD Jakes delivered this sermon titled “Water the Seed” which we are bringing to you to listen to and meditate on. In this sermon, Bishop Jakes throws more light on the process of sowing, growing, and reaping. The senior pastor and founder of The Potters House of Dallas says that planting the seed may look like you are burying it, but it is actually the beginning of a rich harvest.

Teaching us not to allow delay distract us, TD Jakes wrote on Instagram:

“Are you going to give up on the way to glory? You’ve got to endure all your delays, all your doubts, and all your determents to get to your destination so that you can get the “crown of life” (James 1:12, KJV).

Tell yourself when you’re tired that “I want that crown”!

The crown comes on #TheWayToMore!”

Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Bishop TD Jakes – Water the Seed – as we bring the latest sermons from pastors to you daily.

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