Bobbie Houston Teases New Book

Bobbie Houston Teases New Book

Bobbie Houston Teases New Book

Bobbie Houston, wife of Pastor Brian Houston, has revealed an exciting project on Instagram: she is writing a book. In her post, she shared a glimpse into what readers can expect: “25 CHAPTERS … A PREFACE … AN EPILOGUE … SEVERAL MONTHS IN THE MAKING … STORY SPANNING DECADES … LAYERED LEGACY … A MULTITUDE OF PRECIOUS LIVES … and a lifetime of favor, calling, faithfulness, landscape, giants, battlefronts, victories, and adventure in Him.”

This announcement has sparked anticipation among her followers, as it promises a deeply personal and inspiring narrative. Bobbie’s life has been marked by her unwavering faith, dedication to ministry, and significant impact on countless lives. The book, spanning decades, will delve into her layered legacy and the many experiences that have shaped her journey.

Bobbie hints at a rich tapestry of stories, capturing not only the triumphs but also the battles and giants she has faced along the way. Her narrative will be one of faithfulness and favor, showcasing the divine adventures she has embarked upon in her walk with God.

With 25 chapters, a preface, and an epilogue, readers can expect a comprehensive and heartfelt account of Bobbie’s life and ministry. This book is set to be a testament to her calling and the multitude of precious lives she has touched.

As we eagerly await the release of Bobbie Houston’s book, one thing is clear: it will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for many, offering a glimpse into a life lived with faith, courage, and a steadfast commitment to her calling.


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