Brandon Lake “Gratitude” Is BBMA “Top Christian Song of the Year”

Brandon Lake "Gratitude" Is BBMA "Top Christian Song of the Year"

Brandon Lake “Gratitude” Is BBMA “Top Christian Song of the Year”

Brandon Lake’s soulful anthem, “Gratitude,” has won the Billboard Music Award for Top Christian Song. The award is a testament showcasing musical excellence.

The Billboard Music through this award is recognizing the power and impact of this remarkable composition. Gratitude is a song that has resonated with audiences across the globe.

Lake shared the news with his fans on social media in a video. In this video he was seen holding his award.

From its release, “Gratitude” has captivated hearts with its powerful message and Brandon Lake’s emotive delivery. The song, a testament to the transformative power of gratitude and worship. Also,it has become an anthem for believers seeking solace and inspiration. Its widespread popularity and meaningful lyrics have now earned it the prestigious recognition of Top Christian Song of the year.

The song has not only resonated with individuals on a personal level but beyond. It has made a significant impact on the Christian music landscape. Its success at the BBMAs highlights the growing recognition of faith-inspired music within the mainstream industry. The song’s ability to transcend genre boundaries and connect with a diverse audience speaks to the universal themes of gratitude and worship that it explores.

Upon receiving the BBMA for Top Christian Song, Brandon Lake showed his appreciation in a video shared on Instagram for the recognition and shared the inspiration behind the song.  Fans in the comment section celebrate the achievement with some sharing personal stories of how the song has impacted their lives.


The song “Gratitude” winning the BBMA for Top Christian Song is not only a recognition of musical excellence but also a testament to the enduring power of faith-inspired music to uplift and inspire. As we celebrate this achievement, let us continue to embrace the transformative messages embedded in the lyrics of the song and appreciate the profound impact that music, like Brandon Lake’s, can have on our lives.

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