Brian Houston Sermons 2021 – He Came To My Rescue 2

Brian Houston Sermons 2021 He Came To My Rescue 2

A powerful message from the Hillsong church by Pastor Robert Fergusson titled “He Came To My Rescue 2”.  In this sermon which is part 2 of the message, the big question is why do we need rescue? We need rescue because we are in danger. We have the devil, the devourer trying to destroy us. We have a rescuer in Jesus and he is ever ready to rescue, restore and rebuild. Whatever the situation, we are not left without a rescuer. We have Jesus and the bible. The greatest rescue story is that of the death of Jesus on the cross. The church emulating Christ has become a rescue shop.

In this episode, we learn what we can do to become qualified for rescue. Psalm 91:14-15 sees God assuring those who love him of his rescue. However, even when we have been in a mess, God will still rescue us. His rescue is not only for the good but for everyone. Romans 5:8

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