Brian Houston Sermons – We Are In This Together 2

Brian Houston Sermons We Are In This Together 2

A powerful message from the Hillsong church by Pastor Brian Houston is titled “ We Are In This Together 2”. The text for the message is taken from the book of Isaiah 55:9, Psalm 25:4.

How much higher are God’s thoughts? they are as high as the heavens. That is God’s perspective of you. We can trust God to take care of things for you.

Pastor Brian talks about the beauty of unity and he pointed out that the beauty of unity should not be underestimated. A unified church is one that will make impact. It is only in Unity that God will pour out his blessings. Therefore, Unity should never be presumed but should be something we consciously work towards achieving.

Unity attracts blessings. Jesus understood the power of unity and he prayed that his disciples be unified during hsi last supper (John 17:21).  It was Unity that made the early church to withstand everything the enemy threw at them.

Unity is Kingdom culture and one language that heaven understands.

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