Carl and Laura Lentz Celebrate One Month of Podcast ‘Lights On’

Carl and Laura Lentz Celebrate One Month of Podcast 'Lights On'

Carl and Laura Lentz Celebrate One Month of Podcast ‘Lights On’

Former Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz and his wife, Laura Lentz, are celebrating the one-month anniversary of their podcast, “Lights On.”

Since its debut, the podcast has been performing exceptionally well, even reaching the coveted number one spot on Apple Podcasts.

The couple expressed their gratitude and excitement on Instagram, thanking their fans for the love and the support so far. They expressed gratitude for all the encouragement, as they did not know what to expect when they first started. They also thanked the bside_app team for taking a chance on them.

“Lights On” has quickly gained popularity, resonating with listeners and garnering widespread acclaim. The Lentzs’ transparency, vulnerability, and insightful discussions have clearly struck a chord with their audience.

Carl and Laura’s journey has been one of significant highs and lows, and their willingness to share their experiences candidly has created a deep connection with their audience. The podcast provides a platform for the couple to address important issues,particularly “the scandal”.

As “Lights On” continues to climb the charts, the Lentzs are grateful for the incredible support and encouragement they have received. They remain committed to producing content that inspires and uplifts their listeners. If you haven’t tuned in yet, now is the perfect time to check out “Lights On” and join the growing community of listeners who have been moved by Carl and Laura’s powerful message.

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