Catholic Charities Commended for Quick Response to Libya and Morocco Crises

The Lead Bishop for Africa for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference Bishop Paul Swarbrick has commended Catholic charities and agencies for their quick response to the crises in Libya and Morocco.

On 8th September, the deadliest earthquake in 60 years struck Morocco killing over 2,900 people and causing destruction, particularly to the remote towns and villages in the High Atlas Mountains south of Marrakesh.

On September 13, the port city of Derna in Libya was hit by floods that occurred after a storm led to a huge amount of rainfall, causing two crucial dams to burst, as well as the ruin of several bridges. The flood reportedly killed over 11,000 people with about 10,000 still missing and several properties damaged.

Caritas Morocco, a Catholic charity organization has since the incident been providing aid to the population in the city of Amizmiz, one of the worst areas affected by the earthquake, as well as some of the surrounding villages.

However, in a news release by the Bishop Conference of England and Wales, Bishop Paul praised the efforts of Catholic Charities for their fast responses to the crises. He also commended the various NGOs, as well as those who continue to donate generously.

“The work of Caritas Morocco has been invaluable in giving support to the people of Morocco in this time of crisis. Catholic charities all across the world are often on the scene of tragedy as quickly as possible, lending a helping hand to those most in need.

“I thank all those who work in such charities and those who donate. Please continue to give generously and to keep the people of Morocco and Libya in your prayers.”

The Catholic Church of England and Wales has also expressed its sympathy with the people of Morocco and Libya through Bishop Paul Swarbrick.

“The people of Morocco and Libya are in our prayers. We are deeply concerned for those whose lives have been shattered by these tragedies,” the statement read.

“Communities have been ripped apart, homes have been destroyed, loved ones have been killed or gone missing, and tens of thousands have been displaced across North Africa and beyond. We pray for al of those who are suffering so greatly at this time.”



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