Chrishan Jeyaratnam Sermons – The Power of Posture

Chrishan Jeyaratnam Sermons - The Power of Posture

Chrishan Jeyaratnam Sermons The Power of Posture

The Hillsong Church brings us a new message by Pastor Chrishan Jeyaratnam which is titled “The Power of Posture”. The text for the message is taken from the book of John 13:1- 4,

The disciples of Jesus were arguing about who was the greatest in his last days that Jesus tells them that everything was likened to a little child. Jesus washing the  disciples feet is a posture of power.  There are three things about Power that Pastor Chrishan draws from the scripture.

The number one is that we need to be planted in God. Power tempts us to ground our identity in those things that gives us power. We are tempted to put our identity to what we have earned instead of what we have been given. Jesus changed this mindset for us by showing us that we need to be grounded in what the father has given us and in who we are.

He tells us that we as children of God, we have the power because of who we are. We have the power to bind demonic forces. We have power because the holy spirit resides in us and there is a call of God on our lives. There is influence for us among the generation so we are not to disqualify ourselves.

The issue here is that we get this power and we feel that we are beneath serving. If our sense of identity is grounded in God then power will be all that it is meant to be. We are warned that we should serve to ground ourselves in God and not serving for people to feel impressed.

If our core is grounded in who we are in God then we are going to be propelled forward in to our God given purpose.

This is a message that you will learn from.

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