Conversations with John & Lisa – A Generation REDEFINED

Conversations with John & Lisa A Generation REDEFINED

The Messengers International, Canada shares this new episode of Conversations with John & Lisa titled “A Generation REDEFINED”.  This is Ep. 168 of the podcast message and today’s episode is having a guest , Arden Bevere.

“In this episode of Conversations, we’re so excited to be joined by our youngest son, Arden Bevere, as we dive into the message behind his first book, “Redefined: Confronting the Labels that Limit Us.”

“At some time or another, all of us have to face off with the labels that limit us and make room for God to tell us exactly who we are. Arden shares his passion for his generation and his desire to see them walk FREE of the labels and into the destiny and calling God has for them”

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