Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast – Lead Your Leaders

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast - Lead Your Leaders

Pastor Craig Groeschel has delivered this Leadership Podcast titled ” Lead Your Leaders: Leading Up When You’re Not in Charge” which we are bringing to you to listen to and meditate on. The senior pastor of Life Church and the husband of Amy Groeschel in this podcast teaches that one misconception that too many people hold about leadership is that you have to be in charge in order to lead.

Commenting on his marriage to his wife Amy, Pastor Craig took to Instagram to write:

“When we were first married, we read a quote by the columnist Ann Landers that helped set the tone for our marriage together. The quote made such an impact on us that we posted it for daily viewing in the prime spot in the house: on the refrigerator held up by a magnet! The quote that helped build the foundation of our marriage was this: “Neglect the rest of the world if you have to, but never neglect each other.” Almost three decades later, we enjoy the blessings of a very strong and intimate marriage. But it hasn’t come without a lot of work. Every day, the pressing priorities of the world tempt us to pursue meaning everywhere but in our marriage. Even though we don’t always get it right, we work hard to prioritize our time together. It will never be easy. And it will always take two of you working toward this goal. But if you make Jesus the center of your marriage and both work to make each other the top priority, you might discover some of the life’s greatest relational blessings! #mybride”

Watch and learn from this Leadership Podcast by Pastor Craig Groeschel – Lead Your Leaders – as we bring the latest sermons from Life Church to you daily.

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