Craig Groeschel recalls surviving the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing

Craig Groeschel recalls surviving the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing. The founder and senior pastor of Life Church has recalled in an Instagram post how he narrowly survived the 19th April 1995  domestic terrorist truck bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, which claimed 168 lives, injured more than 600  and destroyed properties, including half of a building that was full of employees. Wednesday, 19th April, marked  28 years since the incident.

Groeschel in a statement disclosed how well he still remembers the tragedy. He went on to reveal he was an associate pastor at First United Methodist Church at the time. Their church building, however, he said was opposite the street of the bombed Murrah building.

“Twenty-eight years ago can sometimes feel like yesterday. On April 1995, our community was shaken by a tragedy we will never forget. At the time, I was still serving as a pastor at First United Methodist Church. And our building was directly across the street from, the Murrah building that was bombed,” he wrote.

Groeschel added he, fortunately, was in class the morning of the incident day, instead of his office where ordinarily he would have been. “On any other day, I would have been in my office,” he said. “Instead, that morning I just so happened to be in class for seminary.” Progressing further, Craig noted that his office which “directly overlooked the Murrah building” was destroyed in the attack. The church building  also was “severely damaged.”

“Tragically, so many amazing people we knew and loved didn’t survive the attack,” he further stated. Conclusively, Pastor Craig Groeschel said they “will never forget the heroes who served and the lives that were lost” amid the Oklahoma City Bombing.

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