Creflo Dollar Prayer Request – Contact, Address, Church, Bio, Net Worth

Creflo Dollar Prayer Request – Contact, Address, Church, Bio, Net Worth

Creflo Dollar has a net worth of over $27 Million as at the time of publishing this report. He is the founder of the non-denominational World Changers Church International based in College Park, Georgia and a good American televangelist and a pastor.

According to Beliefnet, “Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. is at the helm of a number of organizations: Creflo Dollar Ministerial Association, Creflo Dollar Ministries, and Arrow Records.

He is the pastor and founder of the non-denominational World Changers Church International based in College Park, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

Following raising him in a Baptist church, Dollar received a Bachelor of Science degree in education from West Georgia College in Carrollton before holding his first sermon in an elementary school cafeteria in 1986. By 2007, he was preaching to a congregation of 30,000 members with $69 million in revenue through cash collections.

Both his prosperity gospel-style teachings has been criticized by many as he owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, and three multi-million dollar homes. These however to me are the benefits of serving God on truth and in spirit.

Creflo Dollar Net Worth is estimated to be $27 Million as at the time of this publication.

You can contact Creflo Dollar Ministries for a prayer request using the details below:

United States

PO Box 490124
College Park
GA 30349
United States

Tel: (866) 477 7683
Fax: (770) 210 5730

Working Hours

Mon. – Fri.
08:30AM – 5:00PM

South Africa 

Unit 7 Argyle Square Office Park
10 Tamarisk Avenue
Randpark Ridge

Tel: +27 11 794 5501
Fax: +27 11 794 5500


[email protected]


Unit 107
250 Consumers Road
Toronto, ON
M2J 4V6

Tel: 1 (416) 855 7600
Toll Free: 1 (877) 556 0668


[email protected]

Office Hours

Mon. – Fri.
09:00 AM – 05:00 PM EST

Pastor Creflo Dollar talking about the forgiveness of God in his Instagram page wrote: “The price has been paid, there is no more debt. Jesus paid it all on the cross!”

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  1. Mr Dollar a lot of controversy about your new 65 million jet and I have an Idea on how to make everything right your church has 40, 000 members why not give each an every one 300.00 it adds up to 8,000,000 which is small fries compared to 65 million your asking for. Jesus said bless the poor.your going against that teaching by having yourself blessed by poor people shame on you brother.

  2. Im sorry my adding is wrong if you congregation is 40,000 strong and you surprise each one with a 300.00 check that is 12 million dollars you GAVE BACK to your church but sadly you rather brainwash poor worshippers that have little and get nothing back from you and taffy but a big thank you for purchasing you something they will never own and all they get back is to see you and taffy travel to the virgin Islands. Shame on your ministry.

    • Wow this is so sad to read. I listen to Creflo just for the word. Jesus already paid the price. God bless your mind

  3. Dear All,

    Praise the Lord!! All Grace to Almighty Jesus
    Dear Pastor, I am writing this prayer request to you on behalf of my father Rajkumar. Last year 2019 he was diagnosed with cancer of gall bladder Doctors have advised for surgery, as there is slight improvement in body after the first phase of chemotherapy. The cancer cells have reduced and surgery was done. All Glory to God. However there is an fluid infection in his body which is coming out from his stomach through drain pipe and doctor said to me this infection will not go and it’s a killing substance. So I request you to pray for a miraculous healing. As we keep my father in our Lord Almighty’s Hands. I strongly believe that my Savior Jesus Christ can make all things possible.

  4. Good morning Pastor Dollar. Whoever Lonnie Davis is. I pray god will forgive him. Evidently he does not know the word of god. I want Lonnie Davis to show me in the word of god where others like Lonnie Davis is suppose to correct a great shepherd like Pastor Dollar and his wife. This person is out of order. Lonnie Davis needs to know he didn’t call Pastor Dollar and his wife the almighty JESUS CHRSIT CALL THEM. And the word of god says TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED ONES AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM.GOD MEAN WHAT HE SAY. YOU NEED TO REPENT LONNIE DAVIS. Evidently you dont have no money that’s why you made a foolish statement like that. Reall kingdom kings dont speak that way about another king. Is Lonnie Davis your real name? 😊🙏🏾


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