Pastor Creflo Dollar Sermon – Confessions and Meekness and Temperance

Creflo Dollar Sermon - Confessions and Meekness and Temperance

Pastor Creflo Dollar has delivered this new sermon and message “Confessions and Meekness and Temperance” and it is not a sermon you will want to miss. The husband of Taffi Dollar who is the senior pastor of World Changers Church International has transformed the lives of many men and women through his teachings and way of life.

Teaching further on this sermon, Pastor Creflo took to Instagram to write:

“Confessions – Meekness and Temperance

Temperance is simply a disposition of the mind that keeps our desires in check!
I’ve found that small acts of discipline lead to great achievements over time. You still have time to finish this week strong in Jesus. Where in your life will you act with more discipline today?”

Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Pastor Creflo Dollar – Confessions and Meekness and Temperance – as we bring the latest sermons from World Changers Church International to you daily.

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