Creflo Dollar: Taking Ownership and Responsibility

We bring you today’s message from Pastor Creflo Dollar, which is titled “Taking Ownership and Responsibility.” The text for the message is from Galatians 6:5–10.

Pastor Dollar teaches us in this message that the first sign of emotional maturity is learning how to be flexible and knowing that when plan A doesn’t work, there’s always a plan B. The second sign of emotional maturity is taking ownership and responsibility for everything in our lives. If you can’t dance, you can’t blame the floor, and that’s just what a lot of people do. An emotionally mature person is able to own up to their mistakes and not immediately look to blame other people. If the first thing you do is blame somebody else, not owning your own stuff and not taking responsibility for your own stuff when you can quickly blame somebody else, that means you haven’t accepted responsibility for the part that you played in that.

People who do that are emotionally immature. People who play the blame game are emotionally immature, and you can evaluate your emotional maturity by checking whether or not you’re taking ownership or not. Taking responsibility for things that happen in your life takes a level of honesty, self-honesty, and acceptance. If things keep going wrong, an emotionally mature person will look inward for answers as to what thoughts or actions may be contributing to the situation and work towards a better understanding and a course of action moving forward.

When you’re emotionally mature, you know not only are you not going to play the blame game, but you’re going to own it. Responsibility equals accountability, and accountability equals ownership. So the question that you’ve got to ask yourself is, “Will I take responsibility for things in my life?” Most times, it’s easier to look for someone to blame when things turn out badly instead of taking responsibility for them.

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