David Jeremiah Daily Devotional For Today – Updated Daily

david jeremiah daily

.David Jeremiah Daily Devotional For Today – Updated Daily

david jeremiah daily


Recommended Reading: Galatians 6:6-10

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Ever heard of Karl Friedrich Gützlaff? He was the first Lutheran missionary to China, and he died in 1851 in Hong Kong at age 48, shattered by disappointment. But the ministry he formed later sent out J. Hudson Taylor, who opened the interior of China to the Gospel. And Gützlaff’s writings touched a British doctor, David Livingstone, who later opened the interior of Africa to the Gospel. Gützlaff died with a sense of failure, yet his work created ripple effects resulting in waves of missionary growth on two continents.

David Jeremiah’s Teachings

David Jeremiah Daily teaches that sometimes we need to make some waves if we’re going to create ripple effects that outlive us. Even when disappointed with visible results, we must remember God’s promise—if we sow bountifully we will reap bountifully.

Discouragement is from the devil. Our job is to keep walking and working by faith. If we keep splashing around in the work God has given us without losing heart, we’ll make some waves for His glory and the ripples will reach all the way to the heavenly shore.

Discouragement cannot have its source in God…discouragement comes from an evil source.

Hannah Whitall Smith

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Seventy-one years ago, in 1947, a first-of-its-kind radio show appeared called The Candid Microphone. The host, Allen Funt, would wear a concealed microphone and secretly record humorous conversations and replay them on the radio. It was so successful that the show moved to television the following year as Candid Camera, running for nearly thirty years and in occasional revivals thereafter.

It might be fair to say that Candid Camera is the godfather of what became known in the 1990s as reality television. The broadcasting of life in an unscripted format, cameras following people around in various settings. Of course, reality TV is not all it claims to be since there are plot lines and heavy editing that occurs before such shows are broadcast. But we understand that. The true “reality” of most of our lives is so pedestrian that few people would be interested in watching—and that goes for celebrities, too.

What David Jeremiah Thinks About Attraction

That said, people watching other people doing things created a secondary market: television shows that are instructional, educational, competitive, and fun to watch. And they have become a huge success on cable television networks. These include talent competitions, singing competitions, cooking instruction and competitions. This kind of programming has become big business.

David Jeremiah Daily concludes thus: What’s the attraction? Why do so many people gravitate toward these shows? At the very least, these shows are a positive, uplifting alternative to mainstream network programming. Another reason is that they are instructional and inspiring. What could be better than that?

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