David Jeremiah Devotional January 25 2021 – Perseverance and Optimism

David Jeremiah Devotional January 25 2021

Theme For David Jeremiah Devotional January 25 2021 – Perseverance and Optimism

But you have carefully followed my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, love, perseverance.
2 Timothy 3:10

NASA has incredible machines—rovers—that are designed for work on Mars. One is scheduled to land on the planet next month, and its name is PERSEVERANCE. The other is an earthbound copy that will perform the same tasks on earth to help engineers analyze the work and fix any problems with PERSEVERANCE. The machine on earth is named OPTIMISM, which is an acronym for Operational Perseverance Twin for Integration of Mechanisms and Instruments Sent to Mars.[1]

What a lesson!

We have a Savior in the heavens who persevered for us and won the victory, and that is why we can be optimists down here on earth. Whatever is discouraging you today, remember that your Savior is not discouraged. He is on His throne keeping all His promises and guiding your life by His providential power. Whatever is troubling you, take the most optimistic viewpoint possible.

Christians, of all people, ought to have the most positive outlook on life. The reason Christians should be positive is not that we are blissfully unaware of the pains of life, but in the midst of pain and confusion, we have a hope grounded in the promises of God.

Reagan Rose

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