David Jeremiah Prayer Request – Shadow Mountain Community Church

Shadow Mountain Community Church – David Jeremiah Prayer Request

David Jeremiah Prayer Request – Dr. David Jeremiah is the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California, and the founder of the international radio and television ministry Turning Point. Throughout his more than four decades of teaching God‘s Word, Dr. Jeremiah has written many best-selling books including: What in the World Is Going On?, The Coming Economic Armageddon, I Never Thought I’d See the Day!, and his brand new book What Are You Afraid Of?

FAITH: Our Eternal Reliance

In times of crisis and fear, we look for a leader in whose courage we can rely and in whose words, we can trust. The problem is, of course, that human leaders are fallible. Though their words inspire us, their lives are imperfect. Their oratory may inflame us, but their thoughts are finite.

We need a leader who never falters, whose words are true, whose power is wisely administered, and whose promises never fail. In such a leader, for we have the Lord! I can trust Him completely, and this kind of faith drives out fear. His plans and purposes can be relied upon. (Donate / Sow A Seed Today Using The Paypal Donate Button)

Our Faith In God’s Word

First, we rely on an eternal person. Don’t misunderstand me when I say our faith isn’t primarily in God’s Word, but in His person. Yes, we do trust the Bible. But the reason the Bible is trustworthy is because its Author is unfailing. The reason we rely on His promises is because He cannot lie. Our God is eternally unchanging, truthful, omniscient, and faithful, so His promises and precepts are the same. Scripture didn’t breathe out God, but God breathed out the Scripture; and the reason we study the Bible is to learn more about Him.

When we rest in the Lord like that, we can rely on His plan. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego in Daniel 3 didn’t know for sure how events would turn out when they were thrown in the fiery furnace. They believed God could deliver them from the furnace, but they wanted their testimony to stand even if they perished in the flames. When we rely on the Lord, we trust His plan to be best for us, even if our lives unfold differently than we’d expected. Someone said, “God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him.” Psalm 33:11 says, “The counsel of the LORD stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations.”

God Always Has His Plans

God does nothing in a haphazard way. He plans every detail, and He has plans for you. 

When we rely on God and His plan, we have full reliance on His eternal promises. Charles Spurgeon wrote, “God never gives His children a promise which He does not intend them to use. There are some promises in the Bible which I have never yet used; but I am well assured that there will come times of trial and trouble when I shall find that that poor despised promise, which I thought was never meant for me, will be the only one on which I can float.”[1]

We never face a situation for which God has not supplied specific promises that provide mercy and grace to help in time of need. J. I. Packer ably wrote: “In the days when the Bible was universally acknowledged in the churches as ‘God’s Word written,’ it was clearly understood that the promises of God recorded in Scripture were the proper, God-given basis for all our life of faith, and that the way to strengthen one’s faith was to focus it upon particular promises that spoke to one’s condition.”[2]

Are you currently facing a problem or pressure? Between the covers of your Bible, God has a specific promise to aid you. Search the Scriptures, find that promise, and focus your heart on its truth. Rely on His realities.

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Faith is relying on things eternal—on God, His Word, His plan, and His prepared place. This eternal reliance helps us face down our fears and stand upright, firmly established with our confidence and hope in Christ.

Know More About David Jeremiah & David Jeremiah Prayer Request

Dr. Jeremiah is the founder and host of Turning Point for God and senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California.

You can contact Dr. Jeremiah for prayers and counselling via official page especially for David Jeremiah Prayer Request  HERE

You can also call – 1-877-998-0222

NB – Remember to say all prayers with faith and maximum dedication. Our God is a jealous God!

Ask and it shall be given unto you … Always remember this for God for he never promises to fail.

Update – There are many fake people online posing as Dr. Jeremiah and also posing as people in-charge of David Jeremiah Prayer Request … stay focused and never let anyone scam you. Thank You…

God is in control.

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  1. I am having trouble with my manager I did nothing wrong and I am not allowed to enter the building. until its time to clock in, everyone else is allowed I asked doctor can I came in he said I know I did nothing wrong. I am the only one with my hours cut. I have asked lawyer for help please prayer for me. the whole office is coming after me by my work ethics and some are following me home. they will tell lie’s about me to everyone. they are making feel like I don’t belong in the work place. a girl took my personal information and I am asking GOD to let me know how they did it. also iam asking GOD to let everyone see all their lie’s and cover up in the work place. thank you

  2. In 1989, Mich State Police Detective Robert H read off false statement on the witness stand that the plaintiff’s attorney gave him. Detective said that I met him at Jim L’s home and requested that he arrest Jim L. I never met detective at Jim L’s home nor did I request that he arrest Jim L. I am asking for prayer that the detective will have a guilty conscience and he will contact the court and the police that he lied under oath. Thank you and God bless.

  3. In 1989, Mich State Police Detective Robert H read false statement on the witness stand that plaintiff’s attorney gave him. Detective said that I met him at Jim L’s home and requested that he arrest Jim L. I never met detective at Jim L’s home nor did I request that the detective arrest him. I am asking prayer that the detective will have a guilty conscience and he will contact court and police that he lied under oath.

  4. Pls pray for me for Canada process which my paper form get favor on the eyes of authorized person not to be delayed to successful ending n my sponsored George work hard on it n concerned office too. Matthew 18:18-20,James 5:16, Jeremiah 33:3.Thank you.

  5. Please pray for my ex husband Alan. he has terminal lung cancer and has been given weeks maybe months. He is getting much weaker day by day. His speech is getting slurred as he is so weak. He knows he does not have long. His mind is still good. He seems to enjoy us coming but is now going to sleep when we are there. Sleeps a lot. Still eating some. Still watching his television shows but goes to sleep. Our son David Alan needs prayers as well. he lives with his dad and will have to watch his dad die a painful death. He has a hard job of staying with him and helping him.
    please pray for dying grace for Alan. He is a believer so I know he is going to Heaven. just pray that GOD will see fit to take him on home before he has to suffer a lot.

  6. I have been trying to see how I can serve God just by choosing ministry as the vocation. I have used my family cash to pursue the bachelor of Arts in theology at Pan African Christian University so that I can attend the internal call. life has not been easy as I am required to care and provide for my family. I decided to join the college after being retrenched from my work and I thought it is a right time to fulfill what I love most ” equipped to become the servant of god who will serve His people in different capacities.
    I have been rewarded an admission at Columbia Theological seminary for further studies of MAPT in the fall 2019. The challenge is how to obtain the financial aid though the college has granted me some amount of money.
    How God prepares people to become the best servants. Will God use some to intervene in the process or God wants me to follow another path. I am in dilemma. But I remain steady to serve God first and the rest will be added. He is omnipotent, and knows who he shall use as the bridge towards the accomplishment of His Kingdom. I request your joint prayer so that what seem impossible in our own intellect my be possible with what we call a breakthrough. May the Lord Jesus involve you in this endeavor.


  8. My husband is going to court on an attempted murder charge, 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and a child abuse charge. He shot at my sons truck and could have killed my son and grand daughter. I have been praying for a long time for God to bring my husband (Blas) to his knees and whatever it takes for him to accept Christ as his Savior and surrender his life to Lord. I know my God is working and I praise God my son and granddaughter were not hurt. Praise God He is in control of everything.
    Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord. Also, pray God will give the Judge wisdom in sentencing.
    Please pray with me and pray for God’s perfect will and all honor and glory be His. Thank you for praying in agreement with me.

  9. please pray for healing for my father, my wife and myself. we are all suffering from crippling back pains and I real feel that the devil is on work to destroy us. Also the finances seem to have completely dried up. I can t even afford to pay for medical bills and school fees for everyone as I am the only one working and I have to look after 12 people in the family. please I really need prayers as this is just weighing me down and I am starting to feel depressed

  10. please pray for my husband his name is ABE to be Healthy Please pray for all his Medical Report to be Normal please pray for him to be safe where ever he goes
    amen god bless you your family and your ministry amen

  11. Please pray for Fleurette’s healing from breast cancer in Christ Jesus’s Name. May it be extremely soon and definite. Thank you for prayinng,
    (7th Day Adventist).

  12. Prayer for my best friend Elaine she is been diagnostic with brain cancer please pray for complete healing dr cannot do anything thank you

  13. My grandson has had anxiety/panic attacks and depression since he was little he is now 24,he got into drugs but is now off of them,he is worse then ever,he is on medication that is not helping,we have done everything we can to help him. It’s debilitating for him he has lost numerous jobs because of it,his wife is divorcing him. It is tearing us all apart. He just wants to die and we are afraid he is going to do something to end his life. Please pray that he is delivered from this that he sees Jesus and cries out to Him to save him and heal him. PLEASE!!

  14. Please pray for me I have lived here since 1994 and the new owner keeps going up on the rent and I live main on s.s. I’m trying to find aother apartment but most are a year waiting .I know that God is with me because He has taking care of me all these years.I watch you every morning before going to my little part time job.Thank you may God blesss yoi

  15. Peço que orem por mim para que Deus nos livre (a toda a nossa família) das armações, das doenças (como o Covid-19), dias mortes determinadas contra nós e anule todas as orações contrárias contra nós

  16. I am asking for prayers for a couple that were seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident. Both are in CCU/ICU with serious injuries.


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