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David Jeremiah sermons 2019
David Jeremiah sermons 2019

Sermons are meant to be a part of our everyday life and that is why a look at David Jeremiah sermons 2019 should be at the top of your daily activities. Sermons and devotionals build your life for you. They build both the physical and the spiritual life.

You can get sermons, prayers and devotionals online which is the main reason this platform is created. Without sermons in our lives, knowing God might actually be hard because it is from sermons we get to be talked to about God and his taste.

You can always get all the latest sermons and devotionals on this page including David Jeremiah sermons for 2019 and his daily devotional.

The fact that it is costly to fund evangelism in some parts of the world, Africa to be precise, has limited the spread of the word of God across the globe. However, these days the internet has made many things including the word of God accessible to anyone and at any where with an internet connection. (You can always donate to help us Better Lives via the Paypal Donate Box Below)

David Jeremiah also has outlets (Radio & Television) that help in the spread of the gospel to different parts of the world including internet media outlets to bring the gospel online.

Talking about the Salvation of man on his Church’s website, David Jeremiah wrote:

Eternal salvation from sin, death and hell is the free gift of God’s grace, and is based solely upon man’s personal faith and belief in Jesus Christ. He voluntarily died as a substitutionary sacrifice for our sins and arose bodily from the dead, thus guaranteeing our own resurrection to eternal life. This salvation is not received by, nor based on, any sacrament, merit, or good work on our part. This one who receives Christ’s salvation is eternally secure. “

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(You can always donate to help us Better Lives via the Paypal Donate Box Below)

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  1. listened to message on joy of security aug 1 2019 bot radi0 kc mo. would like to get a copy of the message richard toti 12407 e 195 st raymore mo. 64083 also is salvation good forever if its real

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