Day 3 Pastor Alph Lukau’s 7 Days Of Glory


The World Is Not Ours...

Day 3 Pastor Alph Lukau's 7 Days Of Glory

Day 3 Pastor Alph Lukau's 7 Days Of Glory

“Because of your obedience to the prophetic word. Because of your sacrifices and offerings, an unusual MIRACLE is making its way to you.

Before the 7 Days of Prayer and Fasting are over – the Lord will manifest His glory in your life. So shall it be!”

Day 3 Pastor Alph Lukau's 7 Days Of Glory

“Congratulations family, we have successfully completed Day 2/7 in our Fasting and Prayer.

You have got to take the authority given to you by Jesus Christ and destroy every altar of the enemy


Every altar in your life that is speaking against you we tear it down.
Every altar of envy. Every altar of wizards and witches that is now claiming your life we DESTROY it in the name of Jesus!”

Credit – Pastor Alph Lukau

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The World Is Not Ours ...


  1. Every alter against your word of peace and your saving power of grace and salvation is torn down in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

  2. I need lots of money. Behind on rent cause of taxes on my home I took over from mom. I owe back taxes on home cause I live in Tenn taking care of wife and step daughter. I owe they say a lot extra of 7,000. They will not work with me. Don’t want to lose. Please help.

  3. please pray for healing for my father, my wife and myself. we are all suffering from crippling back pains and I real feel that the devil is on work to destroy us. Also the finances seem to have completely dried up. I can t even afford to pay for medical bills and school fees for everyone as I am the only one working and I have to look after 12 people in the family. please I really need prayers as this is just weighing me down and I am starting to feel depressed

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