Day 3 – Pastor Alph Lukau’s Declaration For 3rd Day of “7 Days Of Victory”

Day 3 – Pastor Alph Lukau’s Declaration For 3rd Day of “7 Days Of Victory”

Day 3/7 Days of VICTORY

The plan of God from the beginning was so that you reflect His glory, a life of victory and success, but along the way the enemy has interfered. He has anointed me to say He is taking you back to the original plan. With nothing missing and nothing broken. Receive it.

Heaven says enough is enough. Heaven says you have cried this cry for too long. You have been in the mourning mood for too long. Your time has arrived. Your moment of elevation has arrived. Get ready to SHIFT in your health, to SHIFT in your finances, to SHIFT in grace. To SHIFT in LEVELS. You will mount up with wings like an eagle. Are you READY?????

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” #BEwise

In Day 2 the man of God declared: “You shall win over the family curse, you shall win over stagnation and no progress. You may have failed last year but this time YOU will win! The curse is destroyed. Declare I will win!”

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  1. Thank God for anointing you to deliver these declarations man of God. YES, I am ready to receive of Him, I declare. that I am a Winner. I declare VICTORY, in the mighty name of JESUS. I RECEIVE IT✋✋✋✋.AMEN.

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