Day 3 – Shiloh 2020 Live Stream – Turnaround Encounters

Day 3 - Shiloh 2020 Live Stream - Turnaround Encounters

This is the live stream of Day 3 of Shiloh 2020 titled “Turnaround Encounters – Hour Of Visitation” at Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel and it is not a session you will want to miss. The senior pastor and founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo is known for his powerful prayer sessions and deliverance which has changed the lives of many people around the globe.

Giving us a message for Shiloh 2020, David Oyedepo wrote on Instagram:

“Message Title: Engaging the Master Key to a World of Supernatural Turnaround

Minister: Bishop David Oyedepo
If you cannot be corrected, you cannot be guided.
Once born again does not mean always born again; you need to take responsibility to maintain your status in Christ.
No one flies in the Kingdom without the fear of God.
The love of God is the cure to ups and downs in life – Rom. 8:28
God is committed to manifesting Himself to His lovers – Jhn. 14:21
The love of God is the master key to a world of turnaround encounters.
You cannot love God and not know – Jhn. 21:17
You do not have to struggle for encounters when you are in love.
It is revelation that provokes revolution.
No life will be greater than the encounter that such life is exposed to in God.”

Watch and learn from this Live Stream of Day 3 – Shiloh 2020 – Turnaround Encounters – Hour Of Visitation as we bring the latest sermons from pastors to you daily.

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